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Large Tent Series    
Tent parameter    
Frame Push and pull tent series    
Removable and retractable tent series    
French tent,strspless tent series    
Tent series    
Sun umberlls series    
Relief tent series    
Camping tennt series    
Pavilion series    
Swing series    
Outdoor luxurious umbrella series    
Outdoor wood table and chair series    
Outdoor cast aluminum table and chair    
Rattan series    
Pagoda tent series    
Polygonal tent series    
Small umbrella series    
Garden series    
Folded furniture    
leisure chair,folding desk chair series    
Arched door series    
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      Guangzhou YuanXing is equipped with a perfect organizational structuer a scientific management and service system , a large number of dedicated and enterprising professionals in management, hardware machinery, modeling,sewing and in other fields, advanced imported and homemades equipments such as full automatic and semi-automatic materialreleasing painting.

       assembling and sewing lines as a result its annual output of tent and parasol which are its cord products reached 3 million a year.Its products sell hot  in Europe .USA and Southeast .Asia its quality is being deeply trusted by  Customers.

     The Company is  endowed with  resourceful product development  capablility  and is able to meet the client's large demand.

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    ADD:NO.35-36-37,Building 53.And NO.10 Building 6,Nantian International Hotel Facilities Trading Center,Guangzhou City,China. Tel:020-34233413
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